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You at least need cuffs of some sort if you have no break; it looks really awkward otherwise.
even the dog is in awe
Kent I think one of your biggest problems is the length of your pants. They're always just a bit too short, making the leg opening look bigger and your massive feet look small. I'd say either shorter or longer would be better and in your case longer. You need a break.
Finally below 0 in Seoul.
tbh I was gonna say the same thing
It's the only place Astrovoize is guest DJing at lately
dear drew when i drink soju and go to eden, i get unexpected scratches (that look awesome) on my whiskey jacket demanding a refund sincerely, aeglus
It's his illusion app with a timer
Pretty sure Phat Guido tops everyone.Yeah it is, and it is HEAVY. Tailoring is amazing on it (it's really roomy and basically floats on my body). Side shot would let you see that better.I sort of hate having tons of nice outerwear because it gets hard to choose what to wear
Stopping in to say hi with something that almost fits here since it's been a while. [[SPOILER]]
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