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Felt like wearing something other than leather for a change. [[SPOILER]]
thanks but jacket is the best part [[SPOILER]]
I take my own and don't even use a tripod. Except the garden pics from last time; a friend took those for me.
Just a vest; was fine with just a tshirt/scarf/vest in 3*C. Think the vest might make leather a viable option in winter instead of me being stuck wearing my Krane every day like last year.
I basically waited over a year for whiskey calf. Who knows, you might be luckier!
Still feel bad I missed you neo, but things have been really hectic for me the past few weeks. [[SPOILER]]
cross-post, already getting tons of compliments on it since last night [[SPOILER]]
jacket owns, will be wearing it out again tonight [[SPOILER]]
Sorry to interrupt all the worthless bitching but here's a couple pics I took real quick before heading out soon. Thanks for pretty much getting the perfect fit on this one.
New Posts  All Forums: