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really like this and one of the rare times where I would say it would be even better if you were oldonly thing I don't like is the olive shirtI might be around Tokyo this spring, you still around there?
I know you usually have your spot for photos but even this one shows you know still know how to pick a good place to set a mood. Looks great, both photo and fit.(NN tends to do the same with picking out great backgrounds)
mostly more of the same in the new year
I just picked up some PBJ XX-012s and I'm still on the fence. Love the denim but like you said, thighs are really slim and the denim doesn't feel like it'll stretch a huge amount. I probably should size up but I guess I'll see how it fits once I start cutting weight again. I also picked up some new Skull 5507s which fit great except I wish that it tapered more below the knee.Ordered these pony sneakers a while ago so almost forgot about it! As much as I like my...
MoK never thought I'd say this since you''re fairly tall but I think a slight hem would help on the trousers. The cuff looks just slightly too beefy for the fit.looks good enough that I didnt' even notice the zip layer which sorta takes away from the fit. man you changed style a lot since a few years ago, looks good duderandom pic just to add something
Whoever said I looked like pringles guy was close, I won the mustache contest for looking like monopoly guy instead lol. Probably last week I keep the stache, already shaved the rest off. Also I might be hitting up Tokyo again in February since I get a month off of work then.
I can't grow a full beard, also sucks
luckily shanghai doesn't get too cold until january
Yeah seems like its probably the same though I didn't pay that much since I found a sale. Really surprised with the quality of tailoring and materials, just lucky as hell that the size on sale fit me since it was a no return item.edit: on closer look mine has more rust/oxidation on the clasps though as well as some rust stains
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