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Silk is seen as a traditional spring and summer fabric. However, it is the world's best insulator. So, unless the weave is very open, it is HOT. I have no problem wearing something made from, or made with silk in colder months. Cashmere can be very light and comfortable in hotter months. I have a sky blue SC that is 100% cashmere and the color says SS, although you could probably wing it in FW in the warmer climes, like where I live. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by cronicmole I think Jay's fit is good Really? You like that 4 inch break piled on his shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Well, it is obviously not a hard 3 buttoner. Maybe it is your posture, but in the added pic it seems to be doing something in the middle now that you unbuttoned it. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Jacket lapels should cover the outer edges of your shirt collar and your collar points 85-95% of the time. There are cases (BD collars, days without collar stays, etc.) where this won't happen and it looks okay. This is not a current fashion but a very old principle. See Roetzel's Gentleman book, IIRC it even has a little picture going over this. You are forgetting the Club Collar. At most, the...
Here is a little bonus series for Monday....think of it as some sorbet between courses. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep It's a 3 roll 2, but the bottom button disappears in this photo. Unbutton the top button, shoot again and report back. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Very nice, Banis. Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep 'Nuther spread, and moleskin SC acquired through B&S. Happy Monday. Oooh, and pocket square by Acridsheep. I would like to see this without the top button fastened. Colors are nice, fit looks pretty good and I see a SF approved knot and collar. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I know I'm late for the FU sport coat post, but I just got this back from the tailor with alterations. It's a deep maroon, almost purple colour. It's an Anderson-Little vintage piece I picked up at a thrift store a few weeks ago. Yeah, I could probably shorten the trousers up an inch. I am going to have to file a motion for sanctions, Harvey. The tie and square are clearly ethical violations....
I don't see much pull of the lapels. I do see a suit that has some very closed quarters, a relatively high buttoning point and a tie that needs to be retired. Get a shirt with a wider spread and you should be fine with this jacket. Also, as one who used to take pics in the mirror all the time, Windex does wonders. Mike
I have a horizontal striped dress shirt, dark blue and white with a contrast collar. Mike
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