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I need to pull up my pants before I take my pics. Have a good one, Mike
Where is the poal, or is this a post up your vote deal? I am going to give it to Rob. I like Ace's jacket fit very much, but I don't like the closed quarters. Robbie, please shave that abomination offa your face. Is this year another beard contest with the family? Mike
WTF is this, Spoo 2.0? Tweed, cardigan and wait...are those clunky shoes, or even BROGUE BOOTS??? I endorse the look, because I would wear it myself (sans Mr. Rogers sweater), but I don't know my man...just don't know if this is Spootastic or not. Mike
I grew up in Potomac...thus the obsession with Polo and Ralph Lauren. I have not been back in a couple of years. My family no longer lives there, although many of my friends still do. Hoping to get back up there soon though.Mike
Well, anything below 70 qualifies in my book these days. Growing up in Maryland, I would wear shorts in 50 degree weather. I wait all year for the heat to break, I hate it.Mike
Flannel rules. I wait all year for cool enough weather.Well, not "really" vintage. It is a Polo, made in the USA suit. So, it is not new, but not truly vintage. I have worn it before, but only during my "mirror pic" phase. I had some work done to it recently.Yes, it is Polo. I had the pants slimmed and the jacket shortened. I also had the sleeves let down, but I see they may need a little more work.You look great today, man.Mike
Have a good one. Mike
Have a good one. Mike
Yes, it is.Thanks.Here is today's effort. Suit is Isaia, shirt is Polo, tie is Altea (and has been seen here a gajillion times). For the record, I like Club Collars, and I wore them before Boardwalk Empire came out. Mike
New Posts  All Forums: