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I like this suit alot, Spoo. However, how short is it?Mike
with a wire brush.Have a nice day.Mike
The look on my face is prophetic. I spent 26 miles behind a cop this morning on my way to he drove with his thumb up his ass and dead on the speed limit. The bridge was empty, but he would not speed up or move over. By the time I got to work, my face wore this look fully. LOL.
I love the color of it though, even if it seems off in other ways.Mike
Have a good one.
Yeah, getting to drive and stay sober blows..especially when it winds up being a relatively late night. Home tonight with the kids, 3 drink minimum and maximum. That is generally all of the points I can save. LOL.Mike
I think that was the second, and last. I had to drive. It was a rather disappointing night.Mike
I wore this last night. This shot was not taken with my Olympus with built in 30 pound enhancement....
Rock on with your bad selves. Mike
Get the pants tapered, and shoot at a much higher angle. There is serious distortion going on here due to the very low camera angle.Love this suit. I am going to be the voice of dissent and say this suit deserved a more exciting tie.Mike
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