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Gorgeous and perfect tweed Polo hacking jacket from my personal collection. Heavy tweed. Throat latch. Double vented. Hacking pockets, ticket pocket. Amazing vintage Polo made in USA quality from the golden days. Looks brand new and is perfect for those cold winter days. Will ship worldwide, international buyers pay shipping. $125.00 OBO shipped in the US. 21.5 Pit to Pit 19 Shoulder 24 sleeve 30 Bottom of Collar
Nah, that is just my normal, every morning scowl. LOL. I was able to vent my traffic frustrations on my way in this morning. Poor SLK55 AMG owner, thought he had a quick car.They don't take any prisoners. Mike
They are really high waisted and kind of billowy behind the leg. They just need a little tweaking to be more in line with the sleekness of the coat.Mike
Thanks.Yes, the tie is wool. I think I will have the pants hemmed up a little bit, and maybe slimmed just a hair.Thanks,Mike
I only asked because it looks like the bottom of the coat does not extend much beyond your wrist. Of course, you could have Orangutan arms and hands...I don't remember. Mike
I think these pants need to come up a little. Anyway, it is a fun old Oxxford from the early '60s. Have a great day, Mike
I like this suit alot, Spoo. However, how short is it?Mike
with a wire brush.Have a nice day.Mike
The look on my face is prophetic. I spent 26 miles behind a cop this morning on my way to work....as he drove with his thumb up his ass and dead on the speed limit. The bridge was empty, but he would not speed up or move over. By the time I got to work, my face wore this look fully. LOL.
I love the color of it though, even if it seems off in other ways.Mike
New Posts  All Forums: