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Thanks Crusty, it is Sartoria Partenopea. It has unpadded, natural shoulders. Those are all me.Mike
Nice and cold today in New Orleans.....finally. Have a good one. Mike
Hey, Fuck You Sugarbutch!Is that better? WT......F???? Holy Sheep Shit, dude. LOL.
Holy crap, looks like I missed all kinds of interesting things. I don't have time to go back over 15 pages though. LOL. So, here are some clothes instead. Mike
I wear it because I like it. I posted it up several times last year too. I know the general consensus regarding this SC. I am not brushing of criticism, just saying that regarding this SC, I am not really looking for it. I do respect your opinion, however, even if ours differ on this particular item.Mike
Windy today. It blew my pants around. C'est La Vie. Have a good one, Mike
It is not tight at all. It is actually too big around the waist, which makes it a little boxy. Also the short length compounds this effect.It is a BBBF. It is the kind of look you either like, or despise.It is a little of both. My shoulders are not small....and these are not padded bu see above.Mike
I figured you would love it Matt. Glad to see my instincts were solid. This should be good.BBBF.Yep, it is matchy-matchy. No doubt.Mike
New Posts  All Forums: