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Nice and cold today in New Orleans.....finally. Have a good one. Mike
Hey, Fuck You Sugarbutch!Is that better? WT......F???? Holy Sheep Shit, dude. LOL.
Holy crap, looks like I missed all kinds of interesting things. I don't have time to go back over 15 pages though. LOL. So, here are some clothes instead. Mike
I wear it because I like it. I posted it up several times last year too. I know the general consensus regarding this SC. I am not brushing of criticism, just saying that regarding this SC, I am not really looking for it. I do respect your opinion, however, even if ours differ on this particular item.Mike
Windy today. It blew my pants around. C'est La Vie. Have a good one, Mike
It is not tight at all. It is actually too big around the waist, which makes it a little boxy. Also the short length compounds this effect.It is a BBBF. It is the kind of look you either like, or despise.It is a little of both. My shoulders are not small....and these are not padded bu see above.Mike
I figured you would love it Matt. Glad to see my instincts were solid. This should be good.BBBF.Yep, it is matchy-matchy. No doubt.Mike
Bring the hate, friends. Mike
What can I say? His benefactor was not pleased with the daily clown like presentation of his wares. Victor's account, unfortunately, was well in arrears as well. Even after selling all of his furniture, Victor could not settle his debt.Vladimir was not pleased.So, I am sad to say that Victor is decorating the bottom of the Volga now. Sorry, Dog.Dude, you are proof positive that SF, like a good skunkweed, is a gateway. From thrift store nightmares to bespoke. Not even...
New Posts  All Forums: