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Including me.
I lost my photo account, and with it all of my WAYWRN pics. Otherwise, I would add some up from days of old. Still too hot for tweed. Let me see if I have any pics saved. Mike ON EDIT: I do have these....
Yes. I am not one to shy away from wide lapels. I actually quite like them. However, I am on the fence with these. I do like the cut of the lapels though. Either way, it was cheap, it is midnight blue and I picked it up on a whim. If it does not work out, no big loss.
What say you about these lapels?
I have been good. Playing with my cars and guitars and dressing like a slob in this brutal summer heat. I will be back...I actually bought a new suit last week. I gave my tripod to my dad, so I will have to get another one. LOL.Mike
Congratulations, Spoo.
Let your inner Tom Wolfe shine through in this amazing hand made creation from Freeman's Sporting Club. 100% English Deadstock wool in a gaberdine type finish that wears well in the heat. Pearl buttons, patch pockets, working sleeves, button fly on 3/4 lined pants...this is simply the ultimate in luxury. Measures to around a 42R. Shoulders are 18 inches Chest is 21.5 inches Sleeves are 25 inches with working cuffs Back of collar is 30.5 inches Pants have a 36 inch...
Sorry about the measurements, I often don't check back on these threads. 22 pit to pit 19 shoulders 24 sleeves 30 back of collar. Mike
What's up? Mike
You can rock it, give it a shot! I will make you a deal. LOL.Mike
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