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Sold. Thanks, Barry. Mike
RLPL SC in a medium to heavier weight linen. Suitable for year round use as it breathes very well in the heat. I bought this new, had it altered and wore it twice. It is a 42R, but it definitely meaures on the slimmer side of that equation: Pit to Pit: 21.75 Shoulders: 18.5 Sleeve: 24 (about 2 inches folded under) Bottom of Collar: 30.5 This SC is gorgeous, and perfect. Had a retail price of $1899, IIRC.. I may even still have the tags. I just have too many POW SCs, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Pant length on these looks much better without the cuff. Thanks, Nick. You were the only one to notice that I ditched the cuffs. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido NDW, Mike & TTO - thank you for your consistency. No offence to a lot of the new members providing commentary & life to this threak, may I suggest you refrain for now as it is like blind leading blind in a bukkake sex...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels How in the hell can one look THAT cool in the Nawlins heat? How? HOW?!?!?! I was sweating bullets when taking my pics. Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Ask him to take pics a now after a few hours wear. My office is about 62 degrees. I could wear my 10 pound Nutter in here and not break a sweat.
A family friend built White Flint Mall, back in the '70s. I remember going to visit it before it opened. Of course, I can't recall how many hours I have spent in that place since. Not relevant, just remembering my youth. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep If I ever have to die at the hand of an assassin, I'd want it to be you. That was my second career choice. Unfortunately, I was too sentimental and lacked the general detached coolness required for contract wet work. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by Gdot Gotta admire a man who wears wool in this heat - that takes 'a set' - even in tropical weight fabrics - that coat is still lined. What's the temp and humidity in Nola today? About 100/100? Dress to win - don't take any prisoners. Well done sir. There is nothing tropical about that suit. It is relatively heavy, as a matter of fact. It is so brutal here in NOLA that I had to wipe the camera lens twice...
New Posts  All Forums: