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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I think I actually hate JapanAlex01. Wow Damn hater. He is showing me the love and you have to dis his ass, Bris? This is all just good fun, people. Come on, roll with it. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Not saying that you guys look bad, just that you guys don't look great the way that vox and parker and maomao look great (based on the pics posted in this thread). You guys look about equally decent. The point of my post was that a poll would be useless since everyone thinks that you're a cooler guy than RE (incl me). Keep digging. That hole is looking about half done. Ooooh, if I had Vox's or Mao's or...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow OK, well, that's why you're dressed so well. Your clothes make you seem taller. Isn't that the ultimate goal? Thinner, that is the ultimate goal. I will take height though. Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 I don't know what good a poll would be. MBreinin will get most if not all of the votes, regardless of the merits of RE's fits, because everyone hates RE (including...
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches short??? from your pics i had you pegged at like 6' 2 I am 5' 9"....with shoes. Spoo is the 6 footer. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Of all the threads to go meta, Im glad it was this one. I seriously hope I lose. I hope Reeve comes out with some next level shit and shellacs my ass. That would be a fitting end to this. Then we can have a Fit Battle MkII as I stage my big comeback. I have a feeling this will not transpire, however. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thanks - so say the square was TV folded and I had a navy solid twill tie on (My choice before I decided to chuck it). Shoes work? They are brown and white BTW. I think the shoes would work fine. Don't forget, there is a anti-spec contingency here on SF that doesn't like them in any circumstance. You would get nothing but compliments down here on that fit. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by feastmaster I can't wait to say or maybe MBreinin say, "You never had your car." I would say it, but I don't know the reference. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker "I must break you....."" I am definitely Rocky here, people. Don't lose sight of the fact that I am a short Jewish man and we have seen Reeve sans shirt. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I was hoping you would chime in, Southern master. No way am I rocking a bow - but yeah, and as others mention below, I agree it should have had a tie. I thought it would have worked without, but I can see it really does need one. But I am confused on the shoes - Are spectators not appropriate with a seersucker? Keep in mind I usually do not do this sort of steezy, I thought it was appropriate. Specs...
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