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Brand new with tags Rugby by Ralph Lauren tweed sportcoat. This is a heavy tweed, partially lined. 2/3 roll, single vent. Really nice, with a modern fitted cut. Retail almost $400. Measures:; Pit to Pit: 21.5 Shoulder: 19 Sleeve: 26 BOC: 30.5 Fits somewhere between a 40 and a 42R. It is a little snug on me, and I am on the slimmer side of 42 right now. $125.00 OBO shipped in the CONUS. Will ship international, buyer pays shipping.
No hate from me. I love the pattern and fabric.Are you wishing for winter again, Spoo? All week with the winter colors.Mike
This is another one from my personal wardrobe. I bought this new with tags this winter, and I have worn it twice. It is a silk/wool blend (I will check the exact percentages when I get home) and it has a subtle sheen. Color is a steel blue with a hint of grey. There is a very subtle stripe. I have only worn this twice because I never was in love with the fit of this one on me. This is a true two button and I prefer the fit of the 2/3 roll SPs on me. This is a relatively...
Still one of my favorite Sportcoats of yours.Mike
Oh, also...Kaplan, great stuff. Mike
You do go in for the costume. At least you have a sense of of my favorite suits of yours, G.Too wintery, Spoo.
Nice subdued colors, Parker.Mike
Thank God you post here, Theo.Mike
Come on people. Buy this suit, it will make you happy! Mike
Gorgeous Domenico Spano DB 6x2 suit in large format herringbone. Suit is new with tags, $4500 original retail from Saks. I thought it had buttons for the sleeves but they are missing. I decided this will probably not fit me as I have hoped, so I am passing it on. PTP: 21.25 Shoulders: 18 Sleeves: 24.5 BOC: 30.5 Pants have a 34.5 inch waist and have not been hemmed. $400.00 OBO shipped, which is 10% of retail. This is a heavier medium weight suit.
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