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Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Pant length on these looks much better without the cuff. Thanks, Nick. You were the only one to notice that I ditched the cuffs. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido NDW, Mike & TTO - thank you for your consistency. No offence to a lot of the new members providing commentary & life to this threak, may I suggest you refrain for now as it is like blind leading blind in a bukkake sex...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels How in the hell can one look THAT cool in the Nawlins heat? How? HOW?!?!?! I was sweating bullets when taking my pics. Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Ask him to take pics a now after a few hours wear. My office is about 62 degrees. I could wear my 10 pound Nutter in here and not break a sweat.
A family friend built White Flint Mall, back in the '70s. I remember going to visit it before it opened. Of course, I can't recall how many hours I have spent in that place since. Not relevant, just remembering my youth. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep If I ever have to die at the hand of an assassin, I'd want it to be you. That was my second career choice. Unfortunately, I was too sentimental and lacked the general detached coolness required for contract wet work. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by Gdot Gotta admire a man who wears wool in this heat - that takes 'a set' - even in tropical weight fabrics - that coat is still lined. What's the temp and humidity in Nola today? About 100/100? Dress to win - don't take any prisoners. Well done sir. There is nothing tropical about that suit. It is relatively heavy, as a matter of fact. It is so brutal here in NOLA that I had to wipe the camera lens twice...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I think I actually hate JapanAlex01. Wow Damn hater. He is showing me the love and you have to dis his ass, Bris? This is all just good fun, people. Come on, roll with it. Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Not saying that you guys look bad, just that you guys don't look great the way that vox and parker and maomao look great (based on the pics posted in this thread). You guys look about equally decent. The point of my post was that a poll would be useless since everyone thinks that you're a cooler guy than RE (incl me). Keep digging. That hole is looking about half done. Ooooh, if I had Vox's or Mao's or...
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