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No,, the Victor yes! He shows to us with happiness the way of Russia as Capitalism state!His many shoes with unworn soles, and cufflinks of shining gold make happy dog! And smile as big as chest when in compositions of photograph show the Victor to be friend!Victor, like Mikael, admire the Spectator shoe! Rock and Roll and loud cars, yes!!!No trouble here, with Mikael. Mikael go to gymnasium now, to make smaller the waist, and bigger the athelete!
Yes and no.
Victor have more photograph compositions in archive than Mother Russia have IL-2 Sturmovik in 1944! Carpet bombing of WAYWRN with pics of happy set of clothes make Victor new king of WAYWRN!! King Spoo hide his head in shame, and cower in fear of Victor and his arms of athelete! Victor will break you!! Mike p.s. Have a Good Dog!
I should be in NYC this fall. I will expect a delivery. Where are you going? Miami?Mike
How are you??? I'm sthuuuper!!! Mike
Looking good, Rob.LOL. Good Dog to you, Spoo!!!Car is a Buick, Spoo. It is a '59 (or a '60).Mike
I will give someone a good deal today. I am in a selling mood. Mike
Another gorgeous Panta unlined 6 fold tie. This one is a grenadine with Repp stripes. $50.00 shipped CONUS. Will ship internationally, buyer pays shipping. Mike
Cashmere Panta unlined 6 fold tie. Great tie, beautiful fabric. $50.00 shipped CONUS. Will ship internationally, buyer pays shipping. Mike
New, unworn, without tags Holt-Renfrew overcoat. This is dark tan in color, almost a taupe. 100% virgin wool. Size 38S, it measures: PTP: 22 inches Shoulder: 19 inches Sleeve: 24.5 inches BOC: 44.5 inches. Very nice. I was going to wear it just as a coat, but I think I would prefer an overcoat I can wear over a suit. Thus, passing it on. $100.00 shipped, CONUS. Will ship internationally, buyer pays actual shipping. Mike
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