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Yeah, I don't think anyone is ever going to call me "skinny," LOL. Someone actually called me a "hefty guy" yesterday, as a matter of fact Mike
That is a Polo. I think it is the Regent cut, custom fit.I own three pairs of Ray Bans. I don't know if that qualifies as an addiction.I don't tie the double four in hand. I think the knot size is fine, personally. Keep in mind the camera is looking up, so it may make things appear out of proportion. I could have tied this tie thicker, had a I tied it higher. It is cashmere and will tie a larger knot.Mike
This is rustic ranch wear? Maybe if you are in The Village People.....Excellent.
Probably still too hot down here for flannel pants, but fuck it. That is why they invented AC. Have a good one, Mike
First of all, thanks to everyone who commented and welcomed me back. The summer was brutal down here, so I just did not feel like suiting up for a while. Plus, I was having a hard time fitting in my clothes. I have lost close to 20 pounds and several inches all around, so I am feeling alot better in my stuff these days.TB, you are right and I thought the same thing when I put it together. However, from a distance the suit looks mostly solid, so it is not really that...
Oh, hai. Long time, no see. Mike
I look fucking awesome today, trust me. Mike
Just a quick flyby to wish the best of luck to all of my East Coast friends. Please heed any evacuation orders. If you live near the coast, get out. If you live near rivers, creeks, etc. and you are in a flood zone, get out. This storm will likely strengthen as it approaches the Outer Banks. As it travels north, It will merge with a trough and the northern located jet, which will provide enough ventilation to keep it a strong storm. Even if it weakens, it is huge, with...
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