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Thanks.The suit is Sartoria Partenopea. The tie is Altea. The tie is a bit narrow, and I almost wore a wider grey cashmere. However, I really chose this one for the color.Mike
Back for the attack with the world's fattest camera. Mike
Have no fear. The sunglasses and attitude shall return tomorrow. LOL.Mike
Snapped at lunch. Mike
Well, it is either I get a new camera, or go back to being the man in the mirror. LOL.Duuuuude. You are going to get a long range cap busted in yo ass.Mike
I have always loved this vintage Brooks sack. However, I think the high buttoning point is not really the most flattering for me. It looks to me like this suit adds a good 10-15 pounds that is 100% not there...add that to my camera, which is hands down the world's "fatest" camera, and I am not really happy with the results. I wish i could get images that looked remotely like I look in real life. Mike
I skipped the square on purpose. Have a good one, Mike
LOL, Atkins worked for me for years. Eventually, the body gets used to it.That will work well. Of course, I have never eaten the junk or processed food you find in the aisles.Yes, this is a Barba 7 fold I liberated from the newly opened Goodwill last year...for $2.00. Mike
Haven't worn this is quite some time. I think I need to have the sleeves let down a hair..also don't know where that pull came from in the front. Mike p.s. just noticed this is my 4,000 post! Watch out, Spoo...I only have like 20,000 to go and I will catch your ass!
Those are MY shoulders, dude. The jacket is Sartoria Partenopea, it has no shoulder pads. Thanks though.I lost close to 20. Personal training and changed my diet. Finally had to abandon Atkins after close to 15 years of adhering to it. Seems that a diet comprised almost exclusively of meat and vodka was not cutting it any longer. WHAM!!!!Love this SC, Spoo. I think the SC and the tie are too similar in pattern, however.Mike
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