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LET"S SELL THESE SUITS!!! MAKE ME AN OFFER. I am doing a massive closet clean. Suits, Jackets, Pants and Shirts and Shoes when I get to them. I have done my best to take decent pics and take accurate measurements. However, if there is something you need, please feel free to ask. ALL PRICES ARE OBO. Up first is my collection of rare USA Made Polo suits. Some of these are from the golden era of Ralph Lauren, when he was making incredible clothes in the US in an English...
This is an absolutely amazing and rare Tommy Nutter 3 piece tweed suit. This comes from the Nutter RTW collection that was produced in the '70's. A good deal of work was put into this suit (with great results) to make it 100% wearable today. Amazing heavy tweed, triple patch pockets, full heavy canvass construction. This is really a unique and rare piece. Nutters, even the RTW line, are hard to come by. I just don't get much use of out if in New Orleans and it has become a...
Thanks, guys. I am very much alive. I have been lazy as hell lately and have been going casual most of the time. LOL. I was lucky enough that someone snapped a pic of this and sent it to me. Mike
Just doing a driveby......garden party attire. RRL, Ascot Chang, Rooster, JLC. Mike
One from my personal collection. This is an Isaia Base S suit in Super 140. Charcoal pinstripe. 2 button, single breasted, double vents. Pants are flat front with 2 inch cuffs. I have worn this suit maybe 5 times. I just can't get along with the cut of the pants. Measurements are your basic 42R: Jacket: 22 Pit to Pit 19 Shoulder 25 Sleeve 30 BOC Pants: 18 waist 29.5 inseam 2 inch cuffs and over one inch folded over on the back for you tall guys. This is a classic...
Yeah, a 200. Trying to get the damn carb tuned now that the heads are not leaking like a rusty old bucket. PITA.The party is tonight. It is black tie. I am quite certain I will be the only one dressed like this...in a sea of crappy rented tuxedos.Mike
No need for a 9 inch, it has an 8.8. 408 with Canfield heads, C4 and a Nitrous Pro-Flow plate. Right now I am dialing it in on motor. That pass was with 6 bent valves, LOL. Heads have been freshened up. Hoping to go low 10's on the motor with tuning, deep into the 9's on the sauce.You turn when you get to the end of the track, down the return road and into the pits. Mike
The good kind....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAp0blnoIf0&list=UUECPEzGAKEB4O9G3T-ImoFA&index=8
Only if he is down for an old school fit battle. I still pop in, you know...but I am busy with other stuff. It is racing season down here.Mike
Eh, test fitting for the big Firm Christmas Party tomorrow. Yeah, as the grin indicates...I have been drinking. LOL Rock on, Mike Oh, Polo velvet smoking jacket, Polo shirt, Polo flannel Tuxedo pants, Canali cummerbund, Ferragamo patent leather slips and a Brioni for Barney's tie.
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