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Posts by votor The anorexia one was great..."am i too fat? i can throw up more." Some funny ones I remember off the top of my head : "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again" "My love for you burns hotter than a Charizard's tail" Post your funny lines
This Thread is hilarious Quote: You: "My magical watch says you're not wearing any panties." Her: "Uhm... but I am." You: "Oh. Must be an hour fast." Quote: Ask her if she's down for pizza and sex....if she looks stunned, say "What, you don't like pizza?" If she smiles though you're going to get laid. Quote: "Do you wanna get raped?" Although, I guess if you want to make it sound more like a killer...
Waiter at a nearby restaurant
I got a really nice looking jacket as a gift but eh only problem is that it is one or one and a half size too small. Can anyone recommend a good alteration shop with decent prices in the NYC area? thanks
How much does it usually cost to make a jacket bigger?
Itching from sweat? Probably more likely from bug bites. Try the gold bond anti inch cream.
^That probably is the case but is there any way to get a little curl with shampoo or condition or any hair product?
Heres an example : See how it curls around the neck area..
^ I was afraid that was the case... Anyone hear about the method of using sea salt on wet hair, and after it dry, it will become wavy?
Any product makes the hair curly or wavy?
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