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Wow, this thread is growing fast! I made two additions in the past few weeks... by davidshap7, on Flickr by davidshap7, on Flickr
Here's my newest and the crown jewel of my collection, the Heuer Monaco 1533G:
Heuer 1163MH and 11630 GMT:
It was made in the early 70s while Zenith owned Movado for a few years. The watch was sold with both Zenith and Movado as the name on the dial. It's really just a rebranded Zenith (this was due to trademark issue with the Zenith TV company).
LOL, I guess it's because this one is really a Zenith.
44mm of vintage El Primero goodness
Thanks.The buckle is unfortunately a modern reissue.
Another vintage Heuer arrived today:
Sup bro
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