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I'm rather partial to Darkspace, myself. Not the sort of thing you can listen to for too long, but rather good. Dark 1.1 The first two minutes are supposed to be quiet; don't crank up the volume unless you fancy blown out speakers around 2:04. Also, though not precisely noise, Current 93 deserve an "extreme music" honorable mention for sheer madness-inducing weirdness. Black Ships Ate the Sky
Proof that quality materials does not equal quality product... I did lol at the camo effect, though... "For dandified hunters and fashion-conscious jungle insurgents! Look your best without being seen at all!"
An online-MTM suit. Never again. I asked for fully canvassed, but the end product had no interfacing of any kind. In fact, considering the feel of the fabric, it may have actually been made of canvas... Anyway, despite careful measuring based on a suit with good fit, the pants were too wide at the waist and about six inches too long.
You could probably wear the jacket from the black suit on it's own without it looking too bad (indeed, considering the disdain often directed towards black suits around here, it may be best that the jacket was orphaned). The pinstripe jacket, eh, not so much. Pinstriped fabrics aren't really used for jackets outside of suiting, so it would be obvious that you were wearing an orphaned jacket rather than a blazer. If you go ahead and wear it anyway, I would advise against...
The frock coat has been largely out of use for the last century or so, but it's similar enough to a modern overcoat that you probably wouldn't seem too strange wearing one. While you might attract a few stares, I doubt the average person on the street would know exactly why they are staring.
1) SF 2) Sartorialist 3) AAAC
What do you think of this suit, is it authentic, and more imporantly, is it worth the asking price? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by dsgNYC Agreed. I definitely had the urge to go out and buy a DB suit after watching the movie. I too had that urge... and gave in to its bank-account slaying call. Will post pics as soon as I can find a suitable fedora.
Quote: Can anyone tell me about the gun that Purvis used to kill Pretty Boy Floyd? What was the function of the two triggers? I'm not certain as to the make of the gun, but as for the two triggers, pulling the rear trigger decreases the trigger pull weight of the forward trigger, so that the gun may be fired with less pressure on the trigger. This increases accuracy, as the lower trigger pull weight prevents the shooter's aim from being skewed from...
Thus far, I have only worn two button suits, but am increasingly tempted to add a 3B to my wardrobe.
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