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FREEDELIVERY@YOOX currently working, in the UK at least.
Forgive me reviving a question asked on this thread a few times last year: Does anybody happen to know which model these glasses and clip-on sunglasses are? They look like they are intended as a set, though I didn't think the glasses looked like Raybans (Paul Smith maybe?).
Are any other UK Yoox users finding that they are not even presented with a code box when going through check out?
Is it ok to wear a bow-tie to a job interview?
Sick of tired of people on here regarding anyone with fewer than 1000 posts as being a. stupid and b. styleless. There is no correlation. There are many intelligent, witty and well dressed people in the world who have never posted on Style Forum at all!
As only a very very occasional poster, this is probably a bit of an impertinent suggestion, but does anyone agree that there'd be some use in a sub-forum based around 'clothing etiquette'? That is, somewhere for all those threads about what to wear for job interviews and weddings, and whether a particular item of clothing is acceptable in a certain environment. There seem to be so many of these in Mens Clothing. I don't blame the posters - the questions are usually fair...
You must have a much more charming phone manner than I do!
This attitude is what prompted my sarcastic response. Maybe "more knowledgeable men" (and a huge proportion of advice on Styleforum is handed out by people whose views are formed completely by other posts on Styleforum) could give you advice on 'technical' issues to do with shoes (quality of construction etc) but why ask others if you should like the look of something or not. For casual wear, those are, in the real world, in no way 'unacceptable', so it's your call...
This is his first attempt at getting dressed?
So if you'd been told here that they were in fact chisel toes you'd have decided you like them and would keep them?
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