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Fuck her. All the people calling for you to take responsibility are immature pussies. Man up and abandon the fetus. No MAN would be tied down to something he didn't want to be with, dontcha know? Don't listen to those too unintelligent to agree with me. That would be UNBELIEVABLE. I cannot believe what I am reading in this thread!1!! Their morals are so wrong!
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Their stuff is nice but isn't also regularly available on sale? I dont think PC is ever on sale to the extent SF likes (50%+ off)
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut lol @ this "she agreed to abort" shit. come on man. that's a HUGE decision -- that she "made" without having to make it. she was just as sure as he was that the pill was fine and she wasn't going to get pregnant anyway. now that the circumstances have changed, so has her mind. completely understandable. however, if he wears a condom we aren't having this conversation. By your logic, all...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Eat shit dead beat looser. Who the fuck manipulated anyone. Only on women hating (and no women getting) SF do people actually think they are so fucking wonderful, such perfect givers of the dick, that every girl they meet is secretly trying to trap them by getting pregnant. If she is actually pregnant it is the OP's fault as much as anyones. Condoms, fool, use them. I can't believe how many people one, think this...
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut the idea of "getting pregnant" is so weird. like she did it on her own. the idea of being intentionally obtuse is so weird. like you enjoy arguing semantics on the internet.
Fuck the kid and fuck that "life rarely goes as planned" bullshit. There's no way I'd let a cent of my money go towards supporting someone that manipulated me into staying with her by getting pregnant. Finish your grad program, and then peace out of the country.
+1 and let us know if you're doing splits/samples!
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah So if I purchased something 3 weeks ago from someone in the same exact city as myself, and have sent 2 PM's to check on the status of shipment/tracking and received zero communications back, what is the appropriate thing to do? I'm not a dick and I'm pretty laid back but my patience is wearing thing and I really did not want to be walking funny as a result of trusting people on here. File...
It's 2 totally different animals. I personally prefer the strong shoulders/silhouette, although i have some softer unconstructed jackets. For a DB, I kind of feel it has that FU feel to begin with and you might as well go whole hog with the wide lapels and pinched waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho The Blue Jays will suck. No pitching and I don't think Bautista will have a repeat of the offense he's showing this year. Also, I think Boston got really old really fast. The Yankees too are getting older and there's not much in their farm system. Baltimore and TB are on the rise though. Marcum/Morrow?
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