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Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney It's possible the Packers could stick with Jackson as starter, but the thinking on the coaching staff has always been that he's too small for the offense and wouldn't be able to hold up for the year. If the Packers deal for someone, chances are that the guy they deal for will be the starting RB. BJax was always supposed to be the 3rd down guy. Always surprised me as it seems like a waste to use a 2nd round...
Quote: Originally Posted by CashmereLover I haven't posted in this thread before, but here we go: I have a pair of Hugo Boss loafers (made in Italy), and guess what, they are way more comfortable than my Alfred Sargent loafers. As much as this fact only means that the Boss last is better for my feet than the AS last (thus not generally making the Boss loafer a better shoe), one more fact remain: The leather of the Boss loafers seems nicer than the AS...
Quote: Originally Posted by Theory Man Jos. A. Bank has the WORST cuts on tuxes and suits evar. Even a good tailor can't fix those things. If youre 45+ years old theyre a great, bargain suitor but if youre any sort of young you'll find the cuts of their suits and tuxs to be very dated, baggy and poorly tailored. Do you know what a tailor does?
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo well when i went, the PO clerk told me in order for me to obtain tracking, I had to pay 20 dollars extra which was not agreed upon between the buyer and I prior. That's the dilemma. My PO won't give tracking for priority either, only express. Use paypal or usps.com (assuming youre in the US)
Also, ravens deserved to lose that game. Terrible, terrible play for all 4 quarters.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut the Superdome blows every stadium out. Qwest field SHITS on the superdome. It's not even close.
Can someone knowledgeable expound on this? I read the wiki entry and it's vague as hell. What is a public declaration? "a holding out of each other as husband and wife to the public.", " reputed in the community to be husband and wife" The texas entry is at least specific enough to require registering in court. The rest of them sound ridiculously exploitable.
No love for PC? A little costumey, yes, but sexy as all hell Id kill for the DB and purple windowpane
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder First, your salt analogy doesn't really work. It isn't really possible to eat, say, a pasta without salt. But there is certainly no problem working 100% wool cloth. .
It's a sign the wearer is a member of the French Legion of Honour... Lol at "ruining" a jacket with a piece of thread. Where do people get some ideas...
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