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Can there be a separate stickied thread for people to whine about how different and stupid MC is, where they can post facepalms to their hearts content? It seems to come up once every few days and the same points are rehashed: 1. Fixated on classic, is a joke 2. Old stuffy men 3. Ugly 4. Out of touch 5. Not funny, except for vox 6. Everyone gets it, shut the fuck up already.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry I always thought The Style Blogger is meant to be a parody. After all, who gets dressed up and strikes poses like that in public. No? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=160731 Quote: Originally Posted by dsmolken It's difficult to dress like a douchebag and dress old at the same time, though, isn't it? Douchebaggery is youthful.
Hickey Freeman seems perfect for this. Nice fabrics, solid construction, cut and design are about as conservative as you could want.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor I think past injustices are part of the cause for the academic discrepancies today no? I've no clue what the people who started AA wanted (my history/legal perspective is fairly weak I'll admit), but isn't the outcome the same, albeit possibly overdone? I would argue that the outcome is not the same at all, as the populations affected by past injustice are not the ones benefiting from AA. A significant number...
Can people tell the difference between man made/real/CZ aside from taking it to a jeweler?
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Funny, I actually think TC above looks more like the old man picture above than I do. (It's the old man colors and patterns) LOVE those shoes, though.. Yes, we've agreed that my jacket it not waist suppressed. I believe neither my jacket and pants are quite as baggy as the red pocketsquare old man above (jacket protruding at the legs, particuarly) I will take a picture of my jacket actually buttoned, b/c its a...
Trainwreck as always, I see. These threads are like arguing with a 15 year old why his JNCO jeans are not good looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by detroiter None of those people live in Detroit, nor have they ever lived in detroit. They all from past 8 mile, though i dont know who the last people are. He is from Detroit. I saw a, pretty sick, movie called 8, mile a couple years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Ed- My experience was closer to poorsod's, and the sleeves and chest are pretty slim. Mina knows her customers well. We could do a side by side sometime, if you existed IRL. -J So why was NSM banned? I liked her pretty pictures.
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