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Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I love that he's pre-med but doesn't have the grades for a paid internship. +1 How the fuck do you think you'll get into med school if you dont even have the grades for some internship?
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix Ah yes, another one. If you think Radiohead is terrible, I'd love to hear what band you think is good. What is the point of anyone answering you? Let me look into my crystal ball: Feynmix: OH YEAH WTF IS YOUR FAVORITE BAND? Radiohead hater: The **** Feynix: OMG GHEY THEY SUXXXX0RS Radiohead hater: If you say so, but I think radiohead simply sounds terrible. Feynix: YOU KNOW NOTHING YOU HAVE TERRIBLE...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger What the fuck? Kanye West is a genius voice of a generation. He is the greatest artist in the universe, of all time. A lyrical wordsmith. IM A LYRICAL WORDSMITH MOTHERFUCKER! Radiohead is terrible and even whinier than Miley Cyrus. At least she doesn't look like something I scraped off the bottom of my shoes.
This thread is mind-numbingly stupid, but those Corthays are sweet.
Nothing new - Forever 21 is being sued by Trovata for this. http://www.wwd.com/retail-news/trova...=1239626387453
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast ^ Don't get pissy with us. Let's paws and take a deep breath before your fighting gets cat-astrophic.
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