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Is that neurosurgery residency and then a fellowship? Like 13 years of training? Good luck man.Aren't you going to be specialty restricted? That was the main reason I decided not to do the military programs. Doing flight surgery or something like that would've been pretty interesting, though.
If you have no connections, no skills, and a worthless 0 value added degree yet want a well paying job, you go to law school.
Is this shell cordo discussion a fucking PSA? no? How about taking it to the 200 other threads on the subject then.
....electricity/gas costs?
I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but....Meh.
Navy pindot shantung?
It is fucking hilarious that a guy that resells ties from goodwill dumpsters is ragging on a guy that owns his own store and tie label.GTFO.
Those shoulders look like ocean waves. Ditch and re-start with a jacket that fits you at the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt While we're on the subject though, this thread features both hilarious stores as well being an MC train wreck of epic proportions:
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