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I'm not sure whether I should be asking aether to fix my computer or taking his lunch money.
Did you ever go to college?I mean, I don't want to make assumptions.
Your logic is based on red meat causing acute problems. If it doesn't, banning it would not reduce health care costs and would in fact increase them because people don't die.The best way to reduce healthcare costs is mandatory bootcamps. Perhaps on sunday mornings. We could convert all the churches.
Uniqlo trouser are good value for the price, but in the end they're still Uniqlo...fast food clothing. For something as staple as light grey trousers, I'd go with Howard Yount.
That is the least concrete rumor ever. Wat.Doubt TF would ever go for it.
An asian male coworker of mine is dating a black girl, and he says there's a whole odd movement where the two groups are gravitating towards each other. I guess because they're at the "bottom" of the dating ladder.
If she has an opinion do what she wants. If she's leaving it up to you, wear gray or navy. Green, brown, and yellow sounds like a fucking disaster though.
If I were doing it over again, I would decide based on, in approximate order,1. Pass/Fail Grading2. Location3. Cost4. Amount of PBL (garbage learning format, at least what I've seen - good in theory, never well executed) and amount of mandatory stuff in general.I suppose the match lists might be important, but I don't have a grasp on how much school affects residency placements and how much of that is self-selection.Go where you think you'd be happy - of those choices, I'd...
Give them each a shirt and compare. How would someone on the internet know?
I would never put away my wool or cashmere ties for half a year, son you crazy.
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