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A high school friend of mine that I lost touch with killed his 19 year old wife, shot a cop during a traffic stop, then shot himself. That was heavy. I didn't even realize he had moved to the east coast not too far from me.
We need to get all these black people out of our neighborhoods and back to their ghettos, they're dirtying up our streets and being a drain on our communities because, generally, I don't believe they contribute as much to the system and are more likely to be on welfare.There is NO difference between this line of thinking and Barry's. NONE. It's absurd that anyone could condemn one and not the other. You're just playing with semantics like "involved in the community", which...
Head just asploded. White people should be able to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods too then right?There are no asian people involved in black communities?
http://www.ajcn.org/content/70/6/1032.long Cliffs: You ain't gonna be lookin better this way, homeslice. Eat some good animals.
Are you serious? Do you not see the subsequent explosion of derision? That looks fucking ridiculous and everyone knows it. I'm sure you can find a better example of ridiculous things MC fawns over, but I don't think there was a single poster that had anything positive to say about that abortion. I don't know where C_N came up with that; as I recall I usually quite like what he wears.
Technically, you got a shitload of unhealthy processed sugar and fat while he has a nearly nonexistent chance to be set for life. Are you sure your dollar was better used?
Again, I think those are small things within a narrow range of acceptable flair. A bead, shape of your toe, something in your lapel - these are really all tiny, tiny details. I'd agree that they're mostly in poor taste, but they don't overwhelm an entire outfit. They, in and of themselves, cannot make a good outfit horrible to me. I think "internet fashionista" with slight disdain, but that's about it.As for boring conservative look not being photogenic enough - what about...
The SW&D part was pure hyperbole, of course. I know plenty of MCs such as yourself have crossed over just fine. I'd like to hear why you or anyone would disagree with the statement that MC likes its relatively boring definition of well dressed. Note that I don't mean boring with a negative connotation- quite the opposite, I like the small amount of variation in MC clothing. The things MC argues about are typically small details - cuffs, pocket squares, curves of pockets,...
MC likes boring perfection. Those who don't, turn to SW&D and start wearing suits with skirts and eye patches.The purple sweater jacket looking thing looks like it's struggling against the rest of the outfit, to my eye at least. I'm guessing because the rest of the outfit is completely somber business and a fuck you purple unconstructed jacket is the opposite end of the spectrum.
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