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What's the deal with Docs (Medical Doctorate) going into consulting? AF brought it up earlier in the thread and i was curious - whats the pay like, lifestyle, factors they look for in hiring, etc. Are MDs used for particular projects, or is this more of a springboard thing where the degree gets you a look but it's still based on your other work experiences and ability to get through the interviews? is it a separate interview process? Not really something I had ever...
It is fucking hilarious that this thread devolved into people squabbling over demarcations of pakistan/india using historical events, ending with a british guy coming in and everyone railing against him. Carry on.
+1 Plebs. Show up in a light grey DB suit, fuck tha haters don't they know this is your special day?
I thought we didn't criticize facial hair on SF, given the ugly beards in WAYW and the even uglier faces under it.
RLBL has some. You'll have to hunt for them though.
Don't do it man.
More like you'll waste thousands of dollars trying to recreate a styled jacket. You think tailors are wizards or something?
You should not be doing this if for no reason other than that you clearly don't have working knowledge of how to run a business. There are just so many factors you have obviously yet to consider, only a fraction of which are in this thread. If you really think this idea would work, you should draft up a business plan, map out everything (where product comes from, how pricing will work, 5-year plan, 10-year plan) and float it to a consultant that can work out the kinks. I...
Would be willing to commit to a triangle end.
Writing section was worthless anyway. No schools even looked at that unless you got like a M. I guess extending the MCAT would be making it more like Step 1.Nothing wrong with your reasons, but I'd suggest you come up with a more personal and/or interesting reason (even if a little embellished) for your interviews. Yours are somewhat cliche and will induce eye rolling.
New Posts  All Forums: