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You guys are really out of touch with reality if you think high school football will take a hit because of this.
Regardless of the reason, few women are attracted to insecurity.
And what does this have to do with anything? If welfare is cut 50% and military spending is cut 50% you'd be totally happy, or what?
The whole premise of the article implies that the economy is the exact same as in 1960 and everything will react the exact same way. Do you actually think this is the case?
I don't really understand how you can deny that the fringe of the Republican party has a much, much greater voice than the fringe of the Democrats. Look at the candidates in the primary. Would you not classify most of them as "fringe"?
Was anyone's views on politics actually shaped by college? My professors rarely ever spoke about politics or social issues in general, and when they did it was mostly a "you should be aware of what you are voting for". Does political prosthelytizing really exist, because it just seems like a boogeyman. Also, what does it say if an overwhelming majority of the highly educated support one candidate and only janitors/secretaries support the other?
What on earth does a Tony and Oscar have to do with political knowledge? Not to mention that his column is entirely useless, inaccurate rhetoric. Russell Crowe, Oscar-award winning actor, thinks you're a moron.
Well, I guess I feel a little better now about the possibility....hopefully it's not a problem we'll encounter for awhile to come (no pun intended). It seems like maybe the switch will just flip in the next few years and I'll be more ready to be a father.
If you never had them, do you think you'd be happy still? AKA what do you think a life without kids would've been like?
It's always seemed to me that about 1/3 of all parents I meet seem to regret having them (never admit it, of course). I imagine that they still love them, of course, but also wish they had the freedom that you get with no kids. I'm hoping the anonymity of the interwebs might give me some honest insights into it. Do you ever wish you didn't have kids? Personal context: The girl I've been seeing/sleeping with has said she would not get an abortion if she became pregnant,...
New Posts  All Forums: