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$1090 - $1,050 - Now $990! NWT Pre-2010 Borrelli 50R Oxford Gray Fresco Suit. It is 3B (rolls to the second button) and side-vented. I bought this in 2009 thinking I was going to lose weight to fit it, but it never happened Been sitting in the closet bag ever since. New with tags and all pockets sewn shut, Never altered and never worn (except to try on). With classic Borrelli styling, high armholes and soft, very lightly padded shoulders, the jacket features "spalla...
New Incotex 100% cotton faded blue pants $59 shipped US Incotex is the maker of fine pants for many designer labels such as Erminegildo Zegna, etc. Pants contain high-end features like split band, belt tab, curtain lining, etc.These are trendy trim fits. Measurements: Waist: 35" Inseam: 34" Thigh: 10 3/4" Cuff: 7 1/2"
Quote: Originally Posted by adambparker Rise measurements would be great. PM sent.
I'd like: 3 Large Brown Horn 9 Small Brown Horn Thanks
I have this exact suit and like it a lot. The pink windowpane is faint, but adds flair to a traditional charcoal solid without being too bold. A light pink shirt or a tie with some pink in it matches well with the windowpane. The construction is very good and I like the fit. I have a picture of me in it taken at a corporate awards event with executives in suits, and I stand out as being the classiest by far. If you like windowpanes, you can't go wrong with this one.
I visited Barneys in the Dallas North Park store yesterday. A salesman told me that their private label jackets are made by Caruso, and felt that it was the best value on the floor.
Since nobody seems to have an opinion on cowboy boots, I propose that we discuss the suitability of cowboy boots with a black suit for business wear, he, he.
Marcus, You stated that the color is green with blue and rust windowpane. I can see the blue and rust, but on my monitor the background color is a medium blue without a trace of green. Can you clarify better the color? Thanks, Mark
I'd like to give a contrarian viewpoint on the wearing of cowboy boots. Western attire isn't trendy. It's been around for ages. I grew up in Arizona and now live in Texas. My father (from Ohio) had a closet full of bespoke suits (sometimes went to Brioni in Rome for fittings) and knew how to dress elegantly. A breeder of quarter horses (his hobby), he was also a lover of classical western attire, and would often wear a pair of ostrich boots with a jacket or suit. I...
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