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Hey Mike- Any plans to stock a Navy flannel Walt similar to the ones offered MTO? How does the Navy Marble compare to the Navy Marls that you ran in years past? Any chance you can get your hands on a Dark Purple Cord that could be offered via MTO?
Mike- Are you planning on running the same gloves as you did last season?
Just grabbed the last Grape Heirloom Cardi in size Medium!
Just grabbed a pair of Navy Hopsack Walts. Dylan's recommended them as the best pair for year round wear. That Grape Heirloom is next on my kop list. I have the original Blackwatch one. Can't say enough good things about this cardi!
Mike- What would you suggest for a 4 season navy pant? Hopsack or Worsted Prunelle?
Mike- When do you expect to receive the stock Navy Flannel Walts?
Hey Mike- Should take the same size in the new Heirlooms as the old ones?
Does anybody own the distressed leather A2 from a couple of seasons ago?
What new products do you have lined up for Fall?
No they were stock Walts that are available on the site now.
New Posts  All Forums: