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Just grabbed the last Grape Heirloom Cardi in size Medium!
Just grabbed a pair of Navy Hopsack Walts. Dylan's recommended them as the best pair for year round wear. That Grape Heirloom is next on my kop list. I have the original Blackwatch one. Can't say enough good things about this cardi!
Mike- What would you suggest for a 4 season navy pant? Hopsack or Worsted Prunelle?
Mike- When do you expect to receive the stock Navy Flannel Walts?
Hey Mike- Should take the same size in the new Heirlooms as the old ones?
Does anybody own the distressed leather A2 from a couple of seasons ago?
What new products do you have lined up for Fall?
No they were stock Walts that are available on the site now.
Just ordered a pair of Racing Green Flannel Walts. Also excited to be picking up my Pearl Grey Flannels at the tailor this weekend.
Mike- What colors are you expecting for the Heirloom Cardis? My Blackwatch is still holding up great!
New Posts  All Forums: