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Anybody here own or tried on the Workaday Olive Reversed Sateen Utility Jacket? Thoughts?
Finally had a chance to try in The Real McCoy's crew neck. Really awesome fit and top notch! Going to be purchasing those orSlow cargos in the next day or so . That new EG Workaday Utility jacket looks awesome too!
How did you size?
Mike- Can you please check on my exchange? Still waiting on a response to an email I sent earlier this am. Tomm will be 5 working days since delivery. Order # 9357
Glad to see Gentry representing. Placed an order yesterday for The Real McCoy's sweatshirt in Grey. With the discount going to purchase those orSlow cargos.
Mike- Is the Navy Hopsack completely tapped out? Thought you said you still have some left for a few units.
Trying to decide between the Espresso & Olive Super 120s. Mike and others that own them.....which one do you find more versatile?
In the market for a non black, navy grey trouser. Narrowed my choices down to Chocolate Nailhead, Olive Super 120s & Espresso Super 120s. Anybody own any of these and can comment on versatility?
Is there a SF discount?
Hey Mike- Two questions... For the Khyber Cloth MTOs, is the red similar to the Washed Red you offered awhile back or more of a true Red? Are you still offering the Caine Hopsack sportcoats in Shorts? I see they were removed from the Special Order section.
New Posts  All Forums: