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What store did u see it at?
The Camp Blanket is dope. Anybody know if it is available in store yet?
Does anybody own the Slim Fit Black Wash denim? Thoughts? Do they have a strong sulfur smell?
What fabrics will the BDU & Fatigue pants be offered in?
@Epaulet When can we expect the Fall Trouser MTO swatches?
Thx for the advice. Total bs but will move on.
All- Need some assistance here. Sold an shirt and buyer opened up return request stating that the sleeve measurement was off by .75" I provided a return label and just received the shirt back and my measurements are spot on. I sent an email to the buyer with the pic showing this. I also called eBay and they advised me to try to work this out with the buyer. Am I screwed here? What really sucks is not only did I have to pay original shipping but also had to pay the return...
Just went to your site and keep getting errors on each category
Agree with everybody else on the Norfolk sizing. Measure 8 on Brannock. Wear 7.5 in Chucks and 8.5-9 in Nikes. The Norfolks on 8 were tight so I sized up to 9. They are slightly roomy but they work. I was thinking of picking up the new Black Canvas Vulcanized sneaks.
@Epaulet Will the trouser delivery include anything new or just restock sod what is currently available?
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