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@Epaulet did you ever looki into my MTO Indigo Hopsack order that was placed on Feb 11. Still haven't received any shipping notification and you said it sounded like it was taking awhile,
@Epaulet Will you be stocking the Grey Hopsack Walts in size 35 in the foreseeable future?
@Epaulet What is the approx timeframe for the Spring MTO Walts offered in early Feb? I had ordered on Feb 11. I remember one guy already receiving a pair. Wondering how much longer on my end?
Most likely first sale won't be until early May. RRL seems to hold out on sales until they do the 40% off one.
Has anybody purchased any spring trousers in the dk navy 120s twill? I recall somebody mentioning that they are lint magnets. Can anybody confirm or deny before I make a purchase?
Wow you got your MTO trouers quick!Ordered the Indigo Hopsacks on Feb 11.Hopefully they will be shipped any day now.
@NewYorkIslanderwhat width are the new ties?
@deez nutsWhat was the price of that sweater?
Just ordered the REDA Indigo Hopsack MTO Walts
Dig the vest. Where did you pick it up from?
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