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Thinking of picking up a pair of CP Chelsea boots from End. I'm in the states and the price is $400. What can I expect to pay in fees/duties?
Need some sizing guidance for the Chelsea boots. Measure size 8 on Brannock. 7.5 in chucks, 8.5 in Vans, 7.5 in Alden Barrie Suggestions?
@PhillipNSCO any word on your orSlow delivery?
Anybody purchase either of these shirts? Thoughts?
When can we expect your Drake's buy to be available?
Does anybody own the lamswool sleeveless cardigan? How does it fit? For anybody that has been to the NY Pop-up do they have them avaialble?
Cool sweater. Def not worth $600 tho.
Since today is the last day for the trouser promo I finally settled on the Tobacco Calvary Twill.
I'm grabbing that patchwork flannel on Thurs when I get paid.
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