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@Epaulet when are you planning to have the new trouser swatches posted?
Email sent
What polish do peeps use for their Marlows?
@Daff Best bet is to take advantage of the Gift Card pr,mo going on now. You will get a $50 GC towards future use. In other news I just ordered the camp blanket. Will post pics once I receive it.
@khakisofcarmel have you received any FW16 Drake's ties or squares yet?
@JeffArmoury Do you carry the safety collar pins in your NY store? I would order online but $12 shipping seems excessive. Might have to wait until the next time I'm in the city.
@PierpontLeather Do you make dress belts?
Are you waiting until you receive all of Drake's to post online?
When are you expecting your EG shipment?
Has anybody purchased or tried this season's BDU jackets? Thoughts on sizing? Fabrics?
New Posts  All Forums: