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@Epaulet what is the price for trousers only from Southwick?
Epaulet Italian Gloves in Brown Calfskin. Gloves are brand new w/o tags. Epaulet gloves are a paragon of traditional glove making. Constructing fine leather gloves by hand is a detailed and complicated process. The only way to manufacture gloves in this manner is to have a high degree of innate skill, supplemented by years of training. The resultant hand-covering is unlike anything else: they are perfectly flexible, as comfortable as a second skin, and uniquely tolerant...
Anybody own the Suede Boondocker boots? Thoughts? How did you size....TTS or half size down?
5 pocket cords sound like a winner
Fall Sale starts next Wed - 40% off
@epaulet Got my eye on the racing green cords. A few seasons ago I purchased the MTO racing green flannel walts. How similar in tone are these two? The cords appear darker.
@gdl203 Any updates on Drake's pocket squares
@Epaulet Received my tobacco wool Calvary twills today. Luckily they fit spot on but I noticed not a lot material was left inside. I recall in the past more material. Does this look normal?
Turnball & Asser Pink Paisley Tie. Tie has only been worn a handful of times and is in excellent condition. Turnball & Asser's ties are handmade in Kent, England, by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques. The Details Fabric: Silk Base Color: Pink Country of Origin: England Pattern: Paisley Measurements Width (at widest point): 3" Length: 58.5" Retail is $190. Please message me with any questions.
Ralph Lauren Black Label Navy Twill Silk Tie. Tie has only been worn 1x and is in excellent condition. One of the most versatile ties, this simple and elegant reppe twill tie is executed perfectly. This solid-hued narrow style is cut from a rich silk on a perfect 45-degree bias to ensure that it never twists or turns. It's constructed with pure silk twill tipping and a fully fitting interlining, which provides a beautiful drape and a smooth, even knot. -100%...
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