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@epaulet Thinking of taking the plunge and getting measured for an Individualized shirt. Who at the NY shop is best suited to take measurements?
What are people's thoughts on Alden's Commando soles? More suited to boots than shoes?
Just picked up this vest for $289
Does anybody own the Suede Boondocker boots? Thoughts? How does sizing run? TTS?
Grabbed the one piece from Mr. P that I had my eye on....
Starting on Dec 26, fall will be 60% off & winter will be 40% off. What are you planning picking up? The only thing I have my eye on is this:
@Epaulet what is the price for trousers only from Southwick?
Epaulet Italian Gloves in Brown Calfskin. Gloves are brand new w/o tags. Epaulet gloves are a paragon of traditional glove making. Constructing fine leather gloves by hand is a detailed and complicated process. The only way to manufacture gloves in this manner is to have a high degree of innate skill, supplemented by years of training. The resultant hand-covering is unlike anything else: they are perfectly flexible, as comfortable as a second skin, and uniquely tolerant...
Anybody own the Suede Boondocker boots? Thoughts? How did you size....TTS or half size down?
5 pocket cords sound like a winner
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