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If my waist measure 33" what size Escobar would you recommend? Also I am only 5'6 will they look weird if I have them hemmed? My concern is the insert won't line up correctly.
Hey Mike- Any updates on the MTO trouser program?
Hey Mike- When is the new MTO trouser program starting up? When are you expecting to start receiving your stock Walt offerings?
What is the inseam on the shorts? As a side not was in NY yesterday and stopped by the Unis store. Picked up 2 of the Jake Pocket tees. Been on the hunt for a quality tee and these just might fit the bill.
Can anybody comment on the fit of the Empire & Allen Work Jackets? How did you size? Can anybody provide measurements for either jacket in sizes Small & Medium? Thx!
Anybody purchased the SS14 Fatigue pants in Olive Ripstop? Thoughts on cut and fabric?
Sort by newest arrivals and you will see the collection.
Artist collection is weak
For the Indigo Clydes I purchased a size 32 and they measured out to be 33"
Up for grabs is a gently worn pair of Drake's London Narrow Braces. Braces have only been worn 1x. Braces made of finest elastic that have all the true hallmarks of classic elegance. Hardwearing brass fitting, elastic braid fasteners and leather trim. • Solid design • Made in England • 1.5" width BLACK BRACES, BLACK LEATHER TRIM, MATCHING BRAID ENDS Purchased from J. Crew. Retail is $70. Willing to ship INTL. PM me for a quote. Please message me with any questions.
New Posts  All Forums: