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Just grabbed the last pair of size 34 Pale Grey Wool Hopsacks!
I had a connection but no longer.
I had purchased a 34 and was told that the factory short shipped them. On a side note it looks like there was a restock of the Pale Grey Hopsack Walts.
Mike- What's the deal with the Grape Canvas Driggs in size 34? I was refunded and told they weren't actually available yet they are still showing online. Please let me know what the deal is and if they really aren't available, then when will they be?
Finally joined the Marlow Wingtip club. My pair arrived yesterday from RL in pristine condition. Got them for $600. If anybody is interested at that price pm me for further details.
Just received a refund for Grape Canvas Driggs stating that no 34s are available and they were short shipped from the factory.
Just ordered those Grape Canvas Driggs. Nice price too!!!
So I already own the Alden Burnished Tan Wingtips. Is purchasing the Carmina Fitzgerald Brown Wingtips too repetitive? Is there enough of a color difference between the two leathers?
Any shorter dudes rock the Escobars? I'm 5'6 and concerned they will be too long.
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