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Forest Green Flannel Walts Alden Burnished Tan Wingtips
Good week for me on the Walt front....just purchased the Mink/Cashmere and placed MTO Purple Haze Flannel.
Anybody own the Sienna Brown Wool/Cashmere/Mink trousers? Thoughts?
@Epaulet I see you restocked several Walt trousers. Any word on the new pleated trousers? Most interested in seeing the Purple Haze fabric and confirmation there is extra material to make me a Walt?
Grabbed the one piece I wanted...
@Epaulet Any brown tone flannels?
@Epaulet Are the Abraham tweeds going to be itchy?
Anymore EFF fabrics? Was hoping for a brown flannel.
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@Epaulet any chance we can see a swatch of the Purple Haze flannel? Any option to get this made up into a Walt trouser?
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