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@Epaulet What is the approx timeframe for the Spring MTO Walts offered in early Feb? I had ordered on Feb 11. I remember one guy already receiving a pair. Wondering how much longer on my end?
Most likely first sale won't be until early May. RRL seems to hold out on sales until they do the 40% off one.
Has anybody purchased any spring trousers in the dk navy 120s twill? I recall somebody mentioning that they are lint magnets. Can anybody confirm or deny before I make a purchase?
Wow you got your MTO trouers quick!Ordered the Indigo Hopsacks on Feb 11.Hopefully they will be shipped any day now.
@NewYorkIslanderwhat width are the new ties?
@deez nutsWhat was the price of that sweater?
Just ordered the REDA Indigo Hopsack MTO Walts
Dig the vest. Where did you pick it up from?
Is there a promo running for the new MTO trousers? Wondering if it was in the email from earlier today. I deleted w/o reading it.
@Epaulet What are your top MTO trouser picks? Also can you share what you plan to have as stock as well?
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