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@Epaulet Any update on when you plan to receive restock a on the Navy & Grey Hopsack Walts?
Thx for all of the feedback. Actually heading to NY this weekend and will make it a point to try them on.
Normal width
For the CP Achilles, what size would you recommend if I measure size 8 brannock. I wear a size 7.5D in Alden Barrie & 8D in Aberdeen & Hampton lasts.
Has anybody ordered from Frans Boone before? I just noticed on their site the following: "Starting March 10, 2016, imports of merchandise up to USD 800 of retail value will be allowed into the United States free from duties and taxes by one person on one day. This excepts Clearance taxes that are collected by the shipping company (in our case UPS)." If I purchase a pair of CPs for $294.16 what would I expect to pay for the clearance taxes? Thx in advance.
King Of Vintage Vol. 3: Heller’s Cafe Featuring Larry’s Collections Part 2 Limited edition! 1st edition! Rin Tanaka’s latest book “King of Vintage Vol 3: Heller’s Cafe Featuring Larry’s Collections Part 2” documents collection from Heller’s Cafe, owned by Larry McKaughan who has been famous as the "top vintage dealer" in U.S. vintage fashion markets since the late 1980s. This book features Larry’s collection once again, but the focus has gone deeper into the vintage...
For all you vintage heads out there I have an extra copy of The King of Vintage by Rin Tanaka. Cool book that really lets you see where RRL draws inspiration from. Retail is $70. Will hook somebody up with a fair price if interested.
Have a pair of the Selvedge Clyde Chinos in Cassidy Brown on size 32x30 if anybody is interested. Purchased and never got around to wearing them. Waist - 34" Length - 30" Will give somebody a killer deal.
@Epaulet did you ever looki into my MTO Indigo Hopsack order that was placed on Feb 11. Still haven't received any shipping notification and you said it sounded like it was taking awhile,
@Epaulet Will you be stocking the Grey Hopsack Walts in size 35 in the foreseeable future?
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