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Thx again for everybody's opinions.Decided on the Color 8 SWB - Antique Edge - Aberdeen Last - Commmado Sole
@Epaulet when will the spring MTO trouser selections be available? Also send you a pm with a quick question.....
Finally took delivery of my two fav pieces of the season
Trying to decide between the following: Color 8 LWB - Antique Edge - Barrie Last - Double Leather Sole Color 8 SWB - Antique Edge - Aberdeen Last - Commmado Sole The Aberdeen fits me better than the Barrie but I can wear either. Just not 100% sold on the Commando sole.
@epaulet Thinking of taking the plunge and getting measured for an Individualized shirt. Who at the NY shop is best suited to take measurements?
What are people's thoughts on Alden's Commando soles? More suited to boots than shoes?
Just picked up this vest for $289
Does anybody own the Suede Boondocker boots? Thoughts? How does sizing run? TTS?
Grabbed the one piece from Mr. P that I had my eye on....
Starting on Dec 26, fall will be 60% off & winter will be 40% off. What are you planning picking up? The only thing I have my eye on is this:
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