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Speaking of lookbooks did they produce one for Summer'17?
Just picked up this killer shirt If anybody is interested in anything for less than retail pm me.
So I received the CCC shirt and ordered my normal size Medium.This runs big.Sending it back to exchange for a Small.
My CCC shirt is being delivered today Also just ordered this Indigo Overshirt. Pick of the season!
The Bureau Belfast - 15% off - STPAT15
What is retail for the CCC pullover and chore coat?
For Cigar shell do you gents use Saphir Med Brown or Dk Brown wax?
Have a couple shoe care questions hoping to get assistance with.... When it's time to add polish to your shell shoes do you use wax or creme? For those that own the brown Chromexcel Indy boots how do you clean them? is Alden boot cream good or should I invest in Saphir Chromexcel Greasy leather cream? Also do you treat the edges?
What edge dressing do you use for dark brown? I had purchased the Fiebing brown but it's too light.
Ralph Lauren Black Label Navy Blue Sil Twill Tie. Tie has only been worn a handful of times and is in excellent condition. One of the most versatile ties, this simple and elegant reppe twill tie is executed perfectly. This solid-hued narrow style is cut from a rich silk on a perfect 45-degree bias to ensure that it never twists or turns. It's constructed with pure silk twill tipping and a fully fitting interlining, which provides a beautiful drape and a smooth, even...
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