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Mike- What colors are you expecting for the Heirloom Cardis? My Blackwatch is still holding up great!
Hey Mike - For the MTO trousers currently available, do they get ordered one by one or in batches. What is the approx turnaround time from the factory (closer to 4 or 6 weeks?)
Hey Mike - Are the Salt & Pepper Walts available scratchy?
Can you post up some of your trouser offerings?
Are the rest of the MTO trousers going up today? What about the material that sits between the S120s and Flannel?
Just grabbed the Pearl Grey Flannel Walts
Hey Mike- Regarding the Pale Grey Hopsack what months do you think these are best suited for on East Coast? Could you get away with these during the winter months?
Are the 4 new stock Walts still going up?
Mike- Any chance you cold share with us what's available with stock Walts?
Up for grabs is an RL Gift Card valued at $197.50. Looking for $170. Code will be pm'ed once payment is received.
New Posts  All Forums: