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Not sure if ppl are on this already but Sierra Trading Post has some more Tricker's on sale. There's also a 35% coupon with free shipping going on for Memorial Day so Burfurd boots are coming in at around $317. Not sure if this is a good price but I see there's a lot of interest in Trickers from previous threads.
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/,...e-For-Men.html Fits slimmer in the body and longer in the arm than Barbour. Made in England as well. You can definitely find a coupon online for 25-30% off the listed price which makes it a pretty decent deal. What is up with Barbour pricing in America? I saw the retail prices in when I was in England and unless Barbour has raised prices 30+ percent during the recession I'm pretty sure it is a rip off to buy it here.
Doesn't Bob Weinstein own Halston now? Wtf was that dude thinking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls This makes me not want to buy any Uniqlo, ever. Anybody ever seen Gung Ho? The parts about the cash out contest and the 6 shirts folded in one minute just made me want vomit. Someone else was expressing the same sentiments to the article in another thread. It's a fucking mass retail store that is dedicated to high volume turnover, not an art collective where everyone is a unique and beautiful...
This show always pisses me off but I must confess to liking the latest episode. When the banker friend talked about "don't want people walking out with my Murakamis" I loled.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie why are sweaters that don't suck so damn expensive! all i want is a 100% cotton crew-neck sweater, i don't even want wool or cashmere... cotton is total pleeb status and yet the only place i can seem to find what i am wanting is yuketen or ebay which is still about 80$ more than I want/can spend. I feel the exact same way but got lucky today. I dunno if you have an Eddie Bauer store near you but I found...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Fact is if I saw Socal walking down the street my first thought would be "damn, what a baller" and if I saw kixslf or shoreman walking down the street I'd think "that is a solidly put together outfit, respect" Yea but maybe 1% of the real population would recognize SoCal's outfits as actually extremely baller. And still 60% of that 1% would be thinking "holy shit someone is actually wearing the TB...
Quote: Originally Posted by funkyprez Does Uniqlo still have their daily sales? How do you find out what the sale is day to day? That was only for an Anniversary thing. No day to day sales currently. All the current +J spring is on sale though.
Does anyone here have experience with Authier? Seems to be a Euro skiwear brand that apparently has no distribution in the US (that I can find online anyway). I see it at Century 21 once in a while and fit/construction always seems very impressive. Retail seems to be around RLPL though.
Quote: Originally Posted by beowolf This is my concern too. I love their clothing for the price, but I wonder how things will go over time. I kinda hope they don't create more stores or go online, I think if and when that happens the quality will start to go down. Is this a sarcasm post? Uniqlo has hundreds of stores in asia and are online just about everywhere other than the US. In terms of retail scale it's hard to be much bigger than...
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