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"they had to raise their prices because their big customers asked them to" Can you be more specific ? I'd be interested in knowing a reason why a customer would ask for a price rise...
Can somebody ID the music on the Real Mccoy's website ? (Both the intro and pages)
Sportswear Geek
have your feet measured and buy your true size. It is NOT necessary to size down unless you like the look of stretched out mocs. Quoddy's conform to your feet. That doesn't mean you have to stretch them to fit. They might even feel a bit loose at first but they tend to get shorter with wear and the soles will somewhat take shape.
khaki pants wear thorogood weinbrenners plain toe work boots
a pair of vintage red wing that I don't particularly like
How much are the Russell Oxfords at Nepenthes NY ?
Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf I'll be stocking the green 5-hole later this year. Kix, what is your shop name ?
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant How's it on your chest? I've been debating between a 36 and 38 (I'm a 39.5" chest) but haven't ever been able to try one on. If you hesitate between 2 sizes in the international, it's safe to take the smaller one. I'm a 41 chest and a 40 fits me comfortably.
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