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Does anyone have any eperience with Rodd & Gunn clothing ? I have some of their stuff and have been impressed with the fabric and overall quality. That being said I don't have too much experience with any of the high end brands. Cheers Bob
slim fit in a light weight fabric you should be able to fit one whole pair, depending how relaxed you are. With a heavier cloth you may need to cut them up and feed them in piece by piece. sorry
Hi Google "Brothel creepers" they originaly had thick crepe soles, still quite a few companies making them. they are standard fare for the 50's rockabilly crowd. cheers Bob
given I am in the throws of wedding planning myself my suggestion is wear what you are asked to wear. Wear it like it is the best bespoke suit you have ever worn. Your sister will love you for it. After all it is only one day of your life. cheers Bob
Thanks for all the help guys, I will look into em. Cheers Bob
Thank's mate. Will go and grab some Cheers Bob
Hi All Just wondering if anyone can tell me where to buy shoe tree's in Australia? I'm is Sydney. Cheers Bob
Hi All. After doing loads of searching on SF I headed to Josephs on the weekend, spent 10 minutes walking around the store without the sales assistants even saying hi, so I left. I guess I don't feel as bad for buying on line though now. I will go back and try on shoes so I can order the right size online, which is something that prior to the weekend I didn't feel quite right about. Cheers Bob
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