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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Yeah, I probably smoked 20 while there and have a few boxes left (when in Rome). I like them, pretty stout but not rolled very well-guess it's an Italian thing. Toscanos are ugly as hell but I like the taste. Nicotine level is extremely high. Strongest cigars I´ve ever smoked. Toscanos are made of wet tobacco which gives the ugly outlook. Still I think those are the best shortfiller cigars you can...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive The Italians also have very good cigars. Did you try Sigaro Toscanos? I have a tupperdor full of Antico and Extra Vecchio PS: Just finished H. Upmann Magnum 46
I´ve just received package of cigars including couple of serie V Torpedos. IMO that´s quite nice smoke. Never heard of Master Blend series. Parcel also included following sticks: Bolivar Colosales Edicion Regionales 2006 CAO Black Bengal CAO Criollo Pato CAO Italia Ciao Oliva Series V Torpedo Oliva Serie O Robusto Rocky Patel Vintage Signature 1990 Robusto La Flor Dominicana Torpedo Camacho SLR SLR Rothschild Padron 1964 Anniversario Exclusivo
I smoked God of Fire by Don Carlos Robusto 2005 yesterday with couple glasses of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Tommasi 2001. And wow what a combination. Still have half bottle left from yesterday. Maybe I try it this evening with some nice Habano
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black Aficionado: You smoked that gold medal in 90 mins? Damn i smoke too fast... my top 5 cigars all time (out of what i smoked) would probably be: 1. Partagas Serie D No. 4 (Reserva Edition) 2. Cohiba Siglo VI 3. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 4. Punch Double Corona 5. vintage Cohiba Lanceros (black lettering) Yep. Approximately 90mins. I was also suprised how long it took.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Wayfarer Nice. What do you think of those Bolivars? My review from other site: "Nice looking cigar. First 45min was very boring. The second 45min was more complex, spicyness, espresso, earthy flavor. Typical Bolivar at the end. The cigar is not balance at all so make sure you age these sticks a year or two before lighting up." First I though I wont buy these again but after that the price has come...
Just got these beauties last week.
I will get boxes of Partagas Culebras and Punch Punch at Thusrday
Heh I bought a 31l tupperdor cause my Adorini Habana is now full of cigars I will buy this humidor at the end of the summer so all my cigars will fit in same cabinet.
Iam a student but at the moment I work in paper industry (paper slitting).
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