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Please contact me if you have a 38R RLBL suit in charcoal, light gray, or navy. Solid colors are preferable, but I'd consider any of these colors in a nailhead, subtle pinstripe, or flannel fabric pattern. I'd be interested in both peak lapel and notch lapel models.
I'm looking for this particular RLBL tie. It has a square motif. It came in navy color last year too, which I'd buy too. I'd also be interested in a black RLBL pin dot tie.
Is this a long-sized suit? You can tell if the number ends with an "L." If so, I think you might need a regular-sized suit. It just seems way too long for your torso. The shoulders look off too, and the suit doesn't skim your sides very well. Overall, not a great fit.
Try Booq. They make bags designed for laptops. Very sleek and modern too.
Check your box for a PM about 11 and 12.
The fit looks pretty good. The sleeve length looks right and so does the positioning of the arm holes. It fits the width of your shoulders, and skims the side of your torso. Those are all marks of a good fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist White cloth can occasionally turn an interesting washed out neon pink type colour after an encounter with bleach. Don't do it. The logo is there to stay either accept it and wear it, or get rid of the shirt, any attempt to remove the logo is likely to leave you with a mark of some kind. Thanks a lot. Definately won't try this now.
How about the "less-invasive" technique I suggested involving a dye remover or bleach? I figure it can't discolor the cloth since it's already white.
These threads from other forums say to use a mustache trimmer. I guess I could use the trimmer on the back of my Norelco? Can anyone here corroborate this?
I have this Ralph Lauren slim custom-fit oxford. It fits me extremely well, but the embroidered horse logo is a bit flashy. I was thinking that it might be possible to remove the stitches with a seam ripper because of the large weave of the oxford cloth (as opposed to poplin, etc.). I know that shirt darts can be removed from oxford cloth. Am I totally off base? If I am, how about using a dye remover or bleach to make the logo stitches tonal/fade them?
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