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Looks like we're out of luck. I've been calling the store all day, and no one had answered. Finally got through, and the sales person told me they're out of the RLBL's.
I'd like a 38R or 40R. You could much some decent change on this.
The Filene's website says that the stores sell John Varvatos and Theory apparel. I'm interested in suits, blazers, and shirts from those two, but I've never seen them at the National Press Club or Connecticut Filene's in DC. They mostly seem to sell Hugo Boss, Canali, Zegna, and crappy Nautica. Anyone seen Varvatos or Theory in DC?
I'm looking for Z Zegna at a cheap price. Do places like Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, and Off Fifth regularly carry Z Zegna?
You should get the Margiela
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy I picked up a new RLBL suit for $400 at their sale in Feb or March. That's an insane price, imo. Here's hoping it'll be like that in May. What size and color RLBL was it?
Measurements on the blazer? I'm interested. Check your PM box
PM sent on the new RLBL check
If you ever get a 38R RLBL suit, I'm you're guy.
I'd consider something in the $800-900 range, but I'd prefer something lower.
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