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Update (6/25): PRICE DROP TO $400 (plus shipping)!!! I bought this striking, khaki-colored 38R suit on the Buying and Selling forum in mid-April (original thread is here). The suit is made from a lightweight wool fabric that is great for warm weather. I've decided to sell the suit because the jacket is too large for me in the shoulders. The suit is in pristine condition, though it could use a press. All of the tags are still attached. The temporary stitches are...
PM sent
Darn, sleeves are a little too short. Good deal though. Someone should snap this up/
Trouser measurements?
Interested, but I'd like to see some measurements before I commit. PM Sent.
Thanks, Doc. I was looking for a rules thread but couldn't find it.
I only have 36 posts at this point. I get a message saying I don't have permission to create threads in the Buying and Selling forum. Is there a minimum amount of posts everyone needs to have to post there?
This thread is classic
On the NY Time article: Mad Men effect?
Brown suede sounds decent. It's a summer material, right?
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