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My foot is rather narrow; Testoni fits it 'just so.' A little on the snug side. But I've found that to be the case with a number of Italian brands.
Calling Amy Carter . . .
. . . I'll say she isn't.'
I exfoliate every day, with an exfoliating facial sponge and Pears soap. Afterward, I use a honey and oatmeal facial exfoliant, with walnut powder. My face is probably full of microlacerations. But for fifty-one, I have hardly any wrinkles, and very small pores. Exfoliation helps to produce a persistent glow, too.
Quirk, you don't find it tempting to crack down on celebrities? . . . btw: she's no Joan Crawford, either.
Thanks, JohnMS . . . Lincoln polish is excellent!! Have never tried their shoe dyes.
Eh, what do I know?
Interesting about the water proofing! As a matter of fact, I have waterproofed my suede shoes. How much good it did, I don't know. Keep us posted. The spray dyes at my local cobbler's shop, are very inexpensive. They work, great on leather that has been stripped, then painted. The spray is the final touch. Very curious about suede. As another poster suggested . . . try a hidden part of the shoe's tongue . . . see what happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology I'm joining the herd on this one. Down with Zellweger. It looks as though her legs had never seen sunlight before. UH OH . . . I happen to think Zellie's legs look horrible, too. A sheer black stocking may have helped. But then again, maybe not.
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