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Tomasso, I did love Sulka. Their things were classic, but elegant too. Never bookish.
I have found too, that Dupioni has a strong tendency, to 'yellow.' I keep anything made of that fabric, in acid free boxes. Still, a taupe colored jacket I have, has faded considerably. Maybe the dye wasn't correct for the fabric.
Am hoping that Stompanato will be fun. Although I'm not sure about Catherine Zeta-Jones, as Lana Turner. Then again, Lana was brunette before her hair got dyed.
Can't decipher the text. But I like the colors.
That's a good one, poorsod. A number of my friends use it. Excellent choice.
I believe you. Thanks for your insights. I may order one, for my birthday.
I have one in cream linen. Unconstructed, by ABL. One of my all time favorite garments. Use it for dinner parties, summer gatherings; it's cool and comfortable. Great piece to have. But . . . make sure you check your chair, before sitting down. Dust is everyplace. Inside of automobiles, too.
imageWis: the Donald is in a class by himself. Thank God. regarding women's haute couture: I believe around 2,000 customers, still order. Not sure on that. After Saint Laurent retired, many of the secrets of haute couture construction, remained with his 'hands.' Have no idea how many of these people went to work for other houses. Considering what other couture houses turn out, doesn't look like YSL'S artisans are very busy these days. Women's...
How about when Messala starts to whip the hell out of Ben Hur?? First time I saw the movie, I couldn't believe it. Do you know that I saw Ben Hur, at the SHOW, back in 1959? I was four years old. imageWis: why couldn't the chariot race, be filmed today?? Because of the cost? I'd think it could be done better?? Dakota rube, that may have been a legend. Supposedly one death occurred when the ship was being rammed from the side. Another one, during the...
Have you seen the 1959 version of Ben Hur? Eleven Academy Awards, angel voices to spare, good vs. evil, plenty of dead wood. But oh, that chariot race. Took three months to film. I've read that two people were killed, during the action. Might look a little primitive these days, but still fun to watch. Anyone remember who wins?
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