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Dark. I use light to medium neutrals with dark colors, but generally during warm weather. I've never worn white shoes. Never will. Deep loden green is a color I've introduced recently, to my cold weather wardrobe. I like it a lot.
Double Vodka on the rocks . . .
Shirley Temple.
lakewolf, I saw that film when it first aired in theaters. Man With the X Ray Eyes has become something of an 'underground,' cult sci-fi classic. Love that movie.
Tomasso, I do too. As I've written on this thread, the interiors of Wright's work are sometimes deeply affecting. Even that 'minor' home in Gary, included a most energetic, surprising living space. It's the exteriors of Wright's buildings, the Guggenheim Museum for example, that sometimes leave me cold. Not crazy about the Greek Orthodox Church elevation, either. Inside however, he creates a memorable environment of illusion and space.
Yes, I read about that search. That violet cloth is bewitching against those magically colored eyes. Brings back some of the women I remember from my youth. Lots of them had come from the Greek islands. Many of these ladies never wore makeup, in their lives. Lots of them wore only black. Still, if you unpeeled the layers of hardship and want, femininity surfaced. Some of those women were beautiful. They had perfect complexions, even features; many had...
For many classic films, wardrobe departments actually made clothes for the stars. Joan Crawford spoke of 'standing for seven hours,' being fitted for a film: The Story of Esther Costello. Costumes by Jean Louis. You could see that these garments fit the actors, 'just so.' Also, as you suggested, costumes are integral to the story itself. Lana Turner once walked off a picture (Anatomy of a Murder) because Otto Preminger insisted that she wear ready-to-wear...
Their short sleeved linen shirts are what I like. I have quite a few. They wash well, and press crisply.
You want freaky? Ray Milland: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes: 1963. Lakewolf, you beat me to it. I was going to post Marty Feldman.
Gaslight is one of my all time favorites. Charles Boyer was a very chic man. He had the ability to look band box crisp, but didn't 'let on' about his clothes. Will have to see Kind Hearts and Coronets. Last night, I watched Beau Brummell. Stewart Granger was another man of elegance and poise. Some impressive, meticulously tailored wardrobe in that movie. Those costumes had to have been made for Mr. G.
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