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I like the name, Filament. Bright citrus opening, drying down to citrus peels, roots and bark.
I was surprised to see an actual dentist's kit, available to the public. The copy from the catalogue suggests that the tools be used to clean computer keyboards.
If you created a fragrance, what would its name be? And how would it smell?
Tom Brady wears velvet. He's at the top of Esquire's Best Dressed List. http://images.starpulse.com/Photos/pv/Tom%20Brady-2.jpg http://cdn.channel.aol.com/aolr/tom-...00a-120606.jpg
Raspberry Beret http://music.yahoo.com/Prince/Raspbe...9797#lyricstop
The upshot is that everyone can own their own house and live on their own at some point. That, after all, is the American dream. **************************************** odoreater, I'm not sure everyone in America will be able to own their own home. Many people will be lucky to scrape together a down payment. But I understand your sentiment.
I am five foot seven, 38/40 regular. Personally, I prefer solids for more formal occasions. But I think you'd be fine with a stripe. Regarding peak lapels, I've read that some experts think peaks make a man look shorter. Not sure, why. I rather think a peak lapel draws the eye up. At any rate, choose an elegant tie, perhaps a pocket square in a complementary shade, or in white . . . and make certain your shoes are in top condition. Have fun.
How about that? I own many long playing albums. Some of the covers are fun. I have the Whipped Cream Tijuana Brass album. That's one of my favorites. Have many 45 sized recordings, too. And some 78 rpms. Our old Fisher stereo, still gets plenty of use.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake How come you guys don't like houses with garage? Where are you going to park your M-Benz? I've seen every new house now has a garage built-in. I've lived in two houses. One had an unattached garage, set in the back yard. My current address has a garage 'to the side,' attached. If I had my choice, I'd go with an unattached garage. It's convenient to have a garage handy, but fumes, extra dirt and...
I'm glad you enjoy them. For the most part, I stick now to Fresca.
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