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^^^ Brainless might be another choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage Nice quality, horrible design. If they endured the rigors of Ms. Harriman's challenges, I'd say the quality had to good.
Beautiful. I've read that Karl Lagerfeld used to have his bed made up three times a day, in order to appreciate the feel of his linen sheets. Pamela Harriman favored sheets from Pratesi.
^^^ That's interesting. The Vermont Country Store offers 740 thread count sheets made from long staple cotton. The price on these sheets, is not bad. http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/s...roductID=34903
I've encountered some rather expensive fitted sheets. Unless you're insistent on this brand, why not do some checking at closeout specialists, like Tuesday Morning? I've seen some rather high end sheets there, made in France. They're marked way down from retail. My only experience with Frette has been with bathrobes. I bought two of them a few years back, at COSTCO. Twenty-eight dollars each. They're luxurious and appear likely to last for a long time.
I remember when Batista was overthrown, in Cuba. The Kennedy / Nixon Debates. Elizabeth Taylor accepting her Academy Award, for Butterfield 8.
I think this individual enjoys fashion, likes to dress up or down, and understands the importance of color, rhythm and proportion. The red rims on his glasses are striking.
Flora Robson was my favorite Elizabeth. Watch The Sea Hawk, if you haven't seen it. CB was good in her first Elizabeth movie, but the film I thought, was tentative and incomplete. Notes On a Scandal, was my favorite film from last year. Judi Dench was my pick for the Oscar.
A curious offering, no doubt. A number of other offbeat goodies, available through the same outfit.
I like the color composition of the photo, third from the bottom. That gentleman with the shaved head is wearing a jacket with what looks possibly to be a braided edge. Even if it's not, the contrast edge on a man's jacket, is unusual.
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