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My things are on the neutral side, but I think it might be fun to carry a hidden leather piece, 'in color.'
I'm very fond of PEARS soap. Available in bars, or liquid. Scented with thyme. Clear, long lasting. I prefer PEARS to Neutrogena.
Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Robert Morley is outstanding as the world's premiere gourmand.
I am drawn to asymmetric garments, but only if their lack of balance is achieved within the confines of classical cuts, construction, and craftsmanship. It is that paradox that makes asymmetric clothes appealing to me. Armani has made some precisely cut coats, with asymmetric lines and closures. I like them. Asymmetry was popular in Ancient Greece and in Egypt; witness one shoulder gowns and togas. Classic. During 'modern' times, Christian Dior was enamored...
I'm excited about Britney's comeback releases . . . hopefully they can compare to Toxic.
Wear a thin wool or synthetic long sleeve tee against your skin. This will trap body heat where it's being generated ******************************** I agree. Even the most insubstantial 'thermal' layer next to you will make a marked difference, during cold weather. Won't bulk you up, either.
A folding, razor tooth pruning saw.
I love skordalia, with just about any kind of fish.
At home.
Sally Quinn, the 'famed' Washington hostess, has written a book on the subject: The Party, available at Quinn suggests serving ham and other salty edibles, at social gatherings. This, to induce alcoholic intake. She likes to present at least one, live flower at her parties. Plenty of candles. And bite sized appetizers.
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