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A catalogue I received just today, included some amusing examples of exotic accessories, and furniture. I especially like the ostrich egg stand.
Saks-Jandel was a fun store. Probably still is, but we don't buy now. Their European selection was extensive. I always wished they'd had a men's department.
I like the premise that fragrance emanates from squalor, but the movie began to lose me, half way through. The orgy scene lacked splendor.
Another semi-spooky, enigmatic fragrance for those who enjoy the unusual: Etro, Messe de Minuit. I have the candle, and burn it when I don't want guests to stay too long.
Yes, I'm serious. Otherwise there's not enough time. I've got personal 'holiday' to do, as well as business. Business gets done during November. Delivered, during December. I shop all year, whenever I see things that are priced well, and serve the appropriate purpose. Finally, by December 12, I can sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy the holidays. Baking keeps me busy, too.
Cumin notes are okay by me, but not if they are included intentionally to be noticed. As you wrote, cumin can add fire to a fragrance that might otherwise be too calm. I'm pretty sure that Eau Sauvage contains a cumin note. I wore that, for twenty years. Kingdom is an odd fragrance, to my nose. It's an upside down scent, with the heavy notes on top. The lighter elements are saved for drydown. Had the cumin been nestled more toward the bottom of the fragrance,...
For ladies who enjoy a heavy civet note: Narcisse Noir, by Caron. In parfum. I think men can wear that one, too.
Yes, and I've already begun. All personal Christmas cards will be addressed before September is out. All Christmas presents will be wrapped, before Halloween.
Thomas and Label King might want to try Kublai Khan, from Serge & Lutens. Has to be experienced, to be believed.
I have an unconstructed, double breasted cream colored linen jacket from ABL. Absolutely love it. It can be dressed up, or worn very casually. I've used navy trousers, brown, taupe, midnight blue. One of the best investments I ever made.
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